Code - Sport Lottery

The Sports Lottery (organizer) as the holder of the Standards of Responsible Gaming Organizations WLA (World Lottery Association) and EL (European Lotteries), within the framework and on the basis of these principles accepts


1. Introductory provisions

Socially responsible organization of gambling is part of the social responsibility of the organizer of gambling and means establishing a balance between profit, expectations and wishes of the players and maintaining public order, especially preventing addiction to gambling and enforcing the protection of vulnerable groups.

Responsible gaming means gaming for fun and in a way that does not jeopardize one’s social or financial well-being.

With the code, the organizer undertakes to:

  • a responsible attitude towards gamblers;
  • a responsible attitude towards gambling vendors;
  • responsible development of existing and new services and products;
  • responsible marketing communication;
  • training employees on the topic of responsible gambling;
  • Fulfilling the requirements of the EL/WLA responsible processing standard

 2. The basic goals of socially responsible gambling

  1. To maintain the continuity of public order, integrity and the fight against illegal gambling and financial irregularities as defined by European law.
  2. To identify best practices for responsible gaming in the lottery sector.
  3. To make it possible for responsible gaming to become an integral part of everyday business, so that possible negative consequences in society are reduced.
  4. Establish clear rules in business to ensure:
  • implementation of legislation and obligations arising from it;
  • implementation of measures for the protection of minors;
  • developing appropriate practices that take into account relevant information and research;
  • relevant communication with stakeholders and the interested public;
  • disabling loan services;
  • self-prohibition of playing via the Internet and other means of telecommunications;
  • safe and responsible gaming via digital platforms and self-service terminals;
  • protection of players against addiction;
  • responsible marketing communication;
  • measures for the protection of players addicted to playing games offered by the organizer.

 3. Use of the Code

The Code of Responsible Gaming is used as a supplement to the legislation and as an internal act of the organizer represents higher standards of conduct and protection of gambling participants.

The code is a self-regulatory act and is used in all areas of the event’s business and advertising, unless otherwise stated in the code.

The organizer is bound by all regulations that directly or indirectly affect the business of the company or the protection of players as consumers.

Business is conducted in a financially transparent and socially responsible manner. The organizer is committed to representing and acting in the direction of responsible gaming.

Ljubljana, april 2023

The signatories of the document are Tomo Šeme (member of the board) and Luka Steiner (chairman of the board).


Code of Socially Responsible Gaming

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