Responsible organization

The activity of organizing games of chance has a special social significance in many developed legal and economic systems, including in Slovenia, which is reflected in a special legal system. This responsibility arises from the complexity of the field and the potential risk that could arise from disorder in the field of gambling, which can cause negative externalities.

The Sports Lottery has made additional commitments to the highest industry standards and socially responsible organization, therefore it follows the fundamental principles that characterize the regulated field of gambling, namely:

  • play safe,
  • responsible editing,
  • appropriate advertising and
  • prevention of illegal activities.

Sports Lottery is a socially responsible organizer of games of chance, which takes care of an appropriate balance between the interests of various stakeholders and operates in accordance with numerous standards and regulations. The commitment is part of a new strategy whose vision and mission of the company is an agile, socially responsible and sustainable business model-oriented company that creates value for stakeholders and society as a whole, and responsibility remains one of the main business values. The company is upgrading its social responsibility, which is part of its strategy, primarily by investing in the social environment; supports Slovenian sports and the development of athletes in a way that is consistent with the highest industry standards. With its activities in the field of arranging and raising awareness about the dangers of excessive gambling, it contributes to making the area more aware and safe for players, and an important aspect of its operation is above all fair and transparent business. For the good of all.

An integral part of responsible arranging is, of course, safe and responsible gaming,
where we place the greatest emphasis on awareness and prevention, while at the same time providing players with all the necessary information and advice to help.


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