Company card

  • company name Športna loterija in igre na srečo d.d.

  • Abbreviated title Športna loterija d.d.

  • Address Dunajska cesta 22

  • Postal code and city 1000 Ljubljana

  • Registration number 5926670000

  • Identification number for VAT SI 90855337

  • Date of establishment 25. 10. 1995

  • Registration authority Okrožno sodišče Ljubljana

  • Share capital 4.000.000 €

Company bodies

  • Supervisory Board Members of the Supervisory Board

    Uroš Pogačnik – The president
    Enzo Smrekar – Deputy president
    Marko Cegnar – Member
    dr. Rožle Prezelj – Member
    mag. Miran Kos – Member

  • Management of the company Luka Steiner, President
    Tomo Šeme, Member

Ownership structure of the company

ShareholderNumber of sharesLastniški delež
Smučarska zveza Slovenije3.56820%
Olimpijski komite Slovenije3.56820%
Pošta Slovenije d.o.o.3.56820%
Loterija Slovenije d.d.3.56820%
Nogometna zveza Slovenije3.08617,3%
Mont d.o.o.4752,66%
ASK Kranjska Gora60,03%

Management statement

The management of the company follows a two-tier system. The company’s general assembly, supervisory board and management operate in accordance with relevant laws, regulations, statutes and internal acts. The system of distribution of roles, responsibilities and responsibilities between shareholders, management and control bodies and established key mechanisms ensure the long-term operation of the company. The company has no branches. The number of employees is at a comparable level compared to the last period. The company has a policy of diversity in management and control bodies, in accordance with its specifics and the industry in which it operates and in which it sets guidelines that enable the composition of management and control bodies in such a way that each body as a whole has an appropriate set of skills, professional knowledge, skills and experience necessary for long-term effective and sustainable management and control of the company. The objective of the diversity policy is to ensure that efforts are made to achieve diversity in terms of age, gender, education and professional experience and competences, to ensure a good understanding of current developments and long-term risks and opportunities, and to achieve complementarity and diversity, especially by focusing on its different aspects.

Company announcements

Duties paid

Duties paid 2018 to 2022


Invitation to the general meeting (Public announcement online 25/04/2023)

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