When luck is shared

The purpose of our games is first and foremost entertainment, we desire to bring you happiness and joy while playing our games, with the fact that this happiness is shared among many and many. Our basic mission is closely related to the provision of funds for the financing of sports and disability and humanitarian organizations in Slovenia, the source of which is the payment of the concession fee. In addition, we fulfill our mission, which is already in the name of the company, by supporting Slovenian sports, sports organizations and societies as well as other good causes, and last but not least, your payment also goes to support local communities, where taxes from winnings flow, as well as our activity is an important source of funding for our country’s budget. We proudly implement all of the above through the commitment of a socially responsible event organizer, in terms of fair organization and safe playing, and in the care of the protection of all key stakeholders in our country. Our mission is the sustainable creation of value for stakeholders and society as a whole, which is why we insist on the values ​​of responsibility, transparency and sustainability. And that’s why we like to share luck.

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